Art, Bonne journée

Bonne journée (19)



A new TV ad series of the LED light project of musée de Louvre by Toshiba was shot in the museum. In the previous ad video, a little girl was just talking with an old man there. He was unknown man but obviously any art lover would likely imagine who he was because he was bearded. The ad looked common and non characteristic as usual corporate ads did.

This month, Toshiba has started new ad of LED light project. Surprisingly this new ad wasn’t just an easy answer of the previous one but adding new spices. In the movie, actually it’s long 120 sec ad video, at the beginning, the old man talked to the little girl about a history of light; a candle, a  lantern, gas lamp and of course LED. Then he said he would show her inside of the Louvre. He introduced some painters with their works, Ingres, David and Delacroix. Then they said “Master” respectfully. In fact he was a great master of them. Behind each painters, their self portraits were seen. After the valuable experience, the old man went away, yes,

Behind the Mona Lisa (La Gioconda).

You could see why such a video was shot at the end. Every master pieces must be drawn under a dark light and LED could show them as they were. If you are art lover, especially of 19’s century, you would  be happy to meet the history.

Perhaps you found that Ingres, David and Delacroix were French painters. Of course because it is a story in the musée de Louvre though da Vinci lived in France only in the end of his life.

Here’s one unnecessary note to be pointed out. Probably as you find, Delacroix was a painter of romanticism and Ingres and David were needless to say neoclassicism. It sounds odd. I suppose it says time passed away.

Vous comprendrez le français? You are lucky. Conversation is done in French. If you live in France, probably, you are not so lucky. The ad video is available in Japan on some TV program. But perhaps you could see it on Toshiba web site.









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