Bonne journée

Bonne journée (20)


It is easy to cherish tradition but difficult to do it in real life. Civilization is usually based on resorting to convenience and a cost rules the life. By only a paper-thin margin like devotion or abandon, tradition would be kept in fragmented days.

When you walk on a stone-paved road which was tradition of the Rome, it means, it is same that you walk on persistent effort whether it is an intention of the government or not. France, and some countries, has a common but a bit strange building regulation that restricts refurbishing a building to conservation of scenery of the town. It must be useful to keep the visible tradition but the law is applicable also for just ten-year-old buildings. Color of the wall, shape of the roof, etc. I don’t know it is a good way to make sure of conserving our essential life based on traditional culture.

At least, such a regulation would help unexpected encounter of missing time.

Have a nice day.







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