Cross Cultural

Where is Steve



One week of exciting, thrilled and bit strange experience has been passed after my usual updating the OS on my iPhone. As you know, it was same as the well known formula Apple had. A lot of improvements and new functions, charming user interfaces, adding small but useful tips etc. The iOS team made a good job. However, I still have a question: where is Steve.

Of course, the interface of iOS7 is simple enough as you see and I’m not saying the software architecture seems complex. A question is perhaps what “simple” means. To see an animation when you go back to the home from an application for example, the visual effect looks slightly busy compare to the traditional context of Apple way. Icons is also simple but vivid.

When you see a pictures you took, you might find an unexpected object in it. One of the reason is, when you see something, you see only what you want to see. While you look at something charming through a finder, it is natural to escape the attention of trash bin at the bottom right of view. Such a additional information may make it busy.

Apple would have found a good word to explain the new interface. The word “flat” sounds well. A skeuomorphic designing method may not give a simple impression today. I suppose Apple needed to move toward the future. It would be just on way to the next.

It seems to be a time to go back to the question. It is said that Steve Jobs knew Zen culture which affected his idea. But I don’t believe it. Probably he had his own criteria as everyone does. At least, his strong leadership would be an Apples criteria. When he said yes, it was simple.







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