Bonne journée

Bonne journée(31): The other side of the world

Fine dayIt seems that everyone is talking about football games instead to say “hello” all over the world. Indeed, it would be a good subject to start a new conversation. At least, it might be better than saying the weather. “It’s fine today,isn’t it.” – the answer must be yes. It is said that it is good to start a easy closed question even if it is a silly one. Perhaps, to start with a subject of a football game might be another option if you know which team he is a supporter of.

世界中でサッカーの話題が挨拶代わりになっている感もないではない。世界共通の話題とでも言うべきか。たしかに、新しい会話を始めるには良い話題だろう。少なくとも、天気の話をするよりはよさそうだ。「今日はいい天気ですね」 答えは間違いなくYesだ。簡単なYesかNoかの質問で始めるのが良いと言われている。もしかすると、サッカーの話題から始めるのは、ひとつの選択肢かもしれない。相手が、どのチームのファンかを知っていればであるが。

A few days ago, I heard an interesting talks in a commuter train. A business man said “Don’t you think it is a strange expression? A news reporter said he reported from the other side of the world” and turned his palm up. In fact, here from Japan, Brazil is mostly at the other side of the world. His point seemed that the other side should be under the ground. Actually, in Japanese, it’s nuance is slightly different. It says the other side of the earth. Of course, anybody doesn’t care of literal meaning.


Anyway, it might be a good way to start a conversation with a subject of football games when you are not sure which team is supported. Otherwise, you may need to start your day with boresome conversation.
Have a good day.




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