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Photo panoramique: iPhonegraphy

I usually don’t edit my photos. I have nothing to speak of its reasons. Just to say, photo editing application is a bit expensive and I’m not used to edit pictures because my first camera was analogue one. Of course I know there are some good free software like GIMP and there’s always exception.

Sometimes I take a picture with intention to crop it for a panorama one. As regular readers probably know, though the title of “Photo panoramique” doesn’t mean panorama photo but wide view, I posted some cropped pictures already.



Then, now I have added a new exception, iPhonegraphy. In this post, I edited some pictures taken with iPhone. The rule I defined this time was simple. To crop a picture with square shape, to add a word (tagnoue) and to apply at least one effect. I hope all of you like this.



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