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No intention

The doorIn November, last year, I posted a photo of a door locked by a creeper colored by autumn red. It was a kind of art made by nature. This early summer, the door was still locked. Mostly same, time hasn’t changed it but color – it was green season – and, more than a half year, nobody tried to open it even though it was easy to do. Now it’s time to say how it is. There’s nothing. Somebody, probably a faithful caretaker, would decide to clean up.


Sometimes nature makes artificial things without intention. Yes, no intention. That’s nature but we find something in it probably because we see it through our eyes. In winter, I posted such a nature made art which was a snowy bike. It was a bad weather, heavy snow falling and still humid. The thermometer indicated around 0 degree in C even when it was snowy. Such a strange condition made this object.

taken with iPhone


A week ago, I found another fun art. Red traffic cones made an uncommon view. Of course, these cones were just waiting for being used. A methodical person might put them. Anyway it looked a kind of art with no intention.

taken with iPhone



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