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Weekly Photo Challenge:Endurance


201409-020To say endurance, Mt Fuji may not be a proper topic because it is not a dead volcano but just inactive today. Here Yokohama is 50 km far from the mountain and it is said that ashes from the volcanic eruption fell 10 cm (4 inches) several centuries ago. Probably as you know, the earthquake happens sometimes in Japan. One of the reason is the islands of Japan are on the edge of crustal plates and, in some cases, activities of volcanos are related to this condition. In order to make buildings endurable, ancient people chose a wood to build them instead of rocks.


In response to the weekly photo challengeEndurance by The Daily Post.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Endurance”

    1. The picture was taken from a hill close to the lake Yamanaka. One of my most favorite places around Mt. Fuji. Good to spend a summer day.

    1. Thank you. The lake is at 1000 meters above sea level and good place for summer resort. Of course, in autumn, it is quiet and beautiful.

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