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201410-121Today we use electric power in any time without awareness. Even a car doesn’t work without electricity which is produced by itself. Needless to say any smartphone has a battery and connects to the base station which requires power. When the mega quake happened in Japan few years ago, many people tried to find an active base station and power supply but it was difficult.


When you trip to other countries you don’t know well, perhaps you need to find power outlets other than your hotel. One of ways would be to find a Seattle style cafe but you may learn it isn’t always easy to do at every street corner. Even if you fortunately knows where power outlet is, perhaps you may find yourself having forgotten to bring a proper plug. This is actually a real story of my friend. The shape of plugs in Europe is different from Japanese and North American one.


I retouched her charming smiling face because she was asking for.

Lucky you! SNCF, French national railway, has prepared a sophisticated power outlet having USB connectors for your hungry smartphone (and your health).





2 thoughts on “Electricity”

    1. 愛嬌があってよいのですが、なかなか出番がありません。このタイプ(SE)ってもうあまり使われてないようです。

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