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La Pyramide Inversée


Gizeh, famous for pyramids, is on my bucket list but I’ve never been there. Today I learned that there are more than one hundred pyramids in Egypt. The top picture is of course not a Gizeh’s but a so called the Inverted Pyramid, La Pyramide Inversée, in the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall. Then, I’m wondering how many Louvre pyramids are there. I’ve visited there several times but I can’t remember exactly. At least two, a big one and inverted one? No. There are three smaller glass pyramids around the big one. Okay five. No. I checked my photo album and I found another very small one just below the top of the inverted pyramid.


By the way, in Japanese, a pyramid is pronounced mostly same as in English today but, in years go by, it was translated as “金字塔”, literally a-letter-‘金'(gold) tower, probably because the shape of ‘金’ is similar to a pyramid. Today, the words are not used for a pyramid and it means glorious achievement.


One more thing. You will find an Apple Store in Paris just next to the Inverted Pyramid. It must be a good place because it’s easy for travelers to get there and the architecture seems to be fit their style.




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