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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!


Whether you like it or not, Disney is one of the most successful brand of the entertainment business and the Disneyland might be the most vibrant and popular destination for family tourists in the summer vacation season. You could see a lot of smiling, happy voices and romantic scenes there and you could feel happy more or less even if you don’t like any theme parks.
However, perhaps you may think you want to spend quiet hours with your family. Everyday life is always too noisy, isn’t it.

Here’s Tokyo Disney Sea in quiet eyes.


n response to the weekly photo challenge, Fun! by The Daily Post.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun!”

  1. こんにちは。


    1. 妹は人工的で落ち着かないから嫌だと言います。皆が笑顔でいるから好きだと言う人もいます。これほどたくさんの人がそれぞれの思いで好き嫌いをいう場所もありません。

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