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50mm, f/1.8

Strolling into an early-summer forest



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid


I studied physics when I was young and learned some physicists believed glass was a kind of liquid not because it’s transparent but it’s not crystal, that is, molecules are moving. Every physicist teaches snowflakes are kind of crystal and changing into liquid at the melting point. Therefore, you shouldn’t ask them the definition of liquid when you find them making some coffee with a flask. They may not be able to distinguish the sea from liquid or fluid as I didn’t. Though it’s much more normal compared with people who considers a doughnut is identical to a coffee cup, having one hole. Sometimes they store paperbacks into a toaster oven like I was doing.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Liquid by The Daily Post.


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floral fragments


The field of flowers as if it were so called Alpine meadow is, in someone’s pessimistic view, a fragment of a farmland forgotten in an urban city.

my second contribution to WPC:Place in the World.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World


When I was a school boy learning how the world was working, paddy fields were my place of the world and then soon a wetland in southern France came to be a place of my yearning for after reading a novel setting in Camargue. It didn’t take so long time to decide to visit there to see the world. It still looked enough simple like a connect-the-dots communication but, spending a hot-blooded decade, suddenly I learned the world was so complicated and life was not so easy. My paddy field is now just a parking lot made with black asphalt and I’ve never been to Camargue.

In response to the weekly photo challengePlace in the World by The Daily Post.