Mostly Monochrome Monday 19/1

I took some alternative pictures for monochromatic view on Saturday and this is a scheduled post.

A Part of Mostly Monochrome Monday (is back)

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Vanishing Point

I may have found something over the vanishing point but it still seems vague.

Thee post was done through a free WiFi. I need a couple of months to get my safe and fast network.
まだまだ街のFree Wi-Fiを利用中。オンラインになるにはまだまだふた月程度はかかりそう。

A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Vanishing Point by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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See you soon

7 years have been passed after my having set sail for somewhere on the blog sphere. It seems to be a right time to anchor in a new port and start exploring the new town.

Soon I’m going to disconnect my line for the adventure and I will be back within a couple of weeks. Perhaps you my find me here shortly but it might be just a temporal case for picking up my baggage left behind.

See you soon.
À bientôt.