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Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure


It is always slightly out of focus. A little portion of a downtown structure appears out of nowhere.
Take care! Don’t fall down to the urban abyss.

In response to the weekly photo challengeStructure by The Daily Post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner


You know it is always just around the corner whenever you stop moving forward for your bad presentiment whether it is what you seek or not. When I was a small child, sometimes I stopped on a back street corner and wondered if should go. I felt something weird there. Today I always choose going ahead. I might have learned too many things.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Corner by The Daily Post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!


“Ooh, shiny (literally)” I said. It was really full of summer lights and looked comfortable under the shade of grapevines. I thought it would be a good time to take a short break.

Grapevine trellises are quite popular way of farming but it was obviously too high to crop them. As you can easily imagine, the trellis was only made for customers. As a result, a lot of people visited the firm and bought many bunches of grapes (literally).

Indeed, the article was planed to be posted several days ago before “Ooh, Shiny!” prompted as you saw on the last Wordless Wednesday.

In response to the weekly photo challengeOoh, Shiny! by The Daily Post.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental


“Gazing up from the bottom of a clear-water stream at a human community, I was wondering if your world might be a part of our planet because the earth consists of blue skies stars as well as you after all”, a water spirit sighs.

Of course, as you can easily imagine, I didn’t take it at the bottom of a pond. It was just a result of the reflection of springwater but it told us what was elemental thing.

In response to the weekly photo challengeElemental by The Daily Post.