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Wordless Wednesday – 7 août

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Mostly Monochrome Monday 5-8-19


Sometimes everyone comes up something new but it is not always a good idea, likely, definitely…

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Timing is Everything

I like a sentence used in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, “know where your towel is”. I don’t intend to spend several lines to explain what it is but, in short, it means well-prepared. This time I chose a picture from my stock. I had no preparation. I didn’t know where my towel was. Just, the sun went down to the tower when I was at the sea. If I took this picture with calculated way, I would say something here but not. Actually, I took it by accident. However, as you may know, the photographer needs to know the timing, what will happen next.  


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Timing is Everything by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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Monday Morning Moue – 2

Sky was blue, fruits were sweet, iced cafe latte was fresh and everybody was smiling. That’s because it’s vacation time, isn’t it? Yes, it was, not now. It’s Monday morning. OK, fine. Let’s throw back to those days. 


This week, I’ve picked up a similar photo to what I posted several weeks ago. The place was very close to the last one but opposite side of the town. 

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Unexpected

It was totally unexpected record breaking day. I was at Paris for business and my personal appointment was scheduled a few weeks ago. There’s no reason to change the day of rendez-vous except one crazy forecast. The French weather agency « Météo-France » was saying it would be going to be an exceptionally hot day. Indeed it might be true but nobody knows. 

The result was quite simple. It took 42.6 degrees Celsius (108.7F) officially and a thermometer of the town read 47C (117F). 


Station staffs handed free water out in the train station in order to avoid traveler’s heatstroke. 

A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected by Nancy Merrill Photography.