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Wordless Wednesday: The Fluff


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered


Even when you are passing at a temple with no name (probably you just don’t know it) and even if you are not a Buddhist (probably not anyway), old wooden figures at a gate would stand out in your memory for a while. Their weathered faces are made by rain, wind, sun beam and awe.


In response to the weekly photo challengeWeathered by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


Some words would be needed. First of all, it’s a cherry tree in bloom and cherry blossoms are sometimes interpreted as a symbol of growth in Japan because a school year starts in April with full blooming Sakura cherry. However there are so many kinds of Sakura and one of them starts blooming in December or January. It might not be the best one but it is still beautiful.


In response to the weekly photo challengeGrowth by The Daily Post.