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Weekly Photo Challenge: Evanescent

Morning light illuminates a vestige of newborn day and an evening gloom brightens a small scratch of the day gently for a brief moment.


In response to the weekly photo challenge, Evanescent by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

The old ocean liner is a part of our cultural heritages. Everyone visiting there knows her name and somehow feels relieved to see her being there. However many people don’t go on board though her fixtures are also gorgeous. Perhaps we are too busy to do something slow.

In response to the weekly photo challengeHeritage by The Daily Post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

So many years have passed after I left my home town for studying physics. I still remember how it was beautiful and idyllic but I don’t feel nostalgia so much today. Many things I loved have been missed. I cannot see small green creeks anymore. I cannot take a traditional snack at in front of a small sleazy shop.

When I was a kid at school, paddy fields were one of my favorite playgrounds. I used to catch a lot of water insects in summer and learned many things. Perfectly dry fields after rice reaping was the best place to test a model airplane, where nobody complained about its dangerous flights. In wintertime, it was easy to make it a skating rink. All I needed to do was just to spray water on it with my naughty friends.
This is not a kind of nostalgia but sort of a reflection.


In response to the weekly photo challengeReflecting by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!


I usually submit a post for the Photo Challenge on Friday night in Japan but this week is an exception. It’s a national holiday today and I have my time to stroll out with a camera. A question is what should I take for Danger! Indeed, our life is quite safe except some political issues.

Pictures here were taken at a construction site suspended during holidays. Honestly saying, one of the most dangerous things would have been my taking pictures.

In response to the weekly photo challengeDanger! by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


My RIMOWA has not original wheels anymore.
Small wheels on two corners stopped working five years ago and I didn’t want to repair it because it was a bit old and I used to travel with it, just say, I wanted to own it as it was.
Two years later, however, I changed my mind. I found that the favorite and used-to-take travel equipment should not be just a memory. Now it has bigger two new wheels. The next question is where I SHALL go.

In response to the weekly photo challengeWanderlust by The Daily Post.