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Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

Today it is hardly ever seen a bridge in use has arch shape. Contemporary technology makes it possible to build a flat one. Of course, as you know, it is usually arched slightly in most cases. That’s why I always feel lucky when I find the beautiful arch in a shape of bridge.

In response to the weekly photo challengeBridge by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta


In most cases we are not aware of changes of nature especially in plants. Flowers always start to bloom suddenly and fruits become sweet in a morning without notice. However bamboo shoot is different from common plants. Delta of changing height in mathematical meaning is quite large.

This week I have no chance to visit any river delta and I couldn’t find any good photos. I hope you enjoy alternative view point.

In response to the weekly photo challengeDelta by The Daily Post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient


My English dictionary illustrates the word by an example: Life is but a transient. It seems not so proper sentence to learn the word but a good lesson.
For a long while I believed a French word l’étranger, which was relatively well known in Japan, meant “transient” because its pronunciation sounds similar somehow. Now I know it means stranger but I’m also wondering if it is a same thing. A transient is always l’étranger like a life.

In response to the weekly photo challengeTransient by The Daily Post.

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The macro lens which I took this picture with was designed around 25 years ago. It still gives me gentle and graceful photos.


My second contribution to WPC:Focus.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus


Sometimes bokeh brings special effects on a daily casual photo. A question is how to take it. Of course it is easy to do. Just to open the aperture and to get closer to what you want to focus on, you get nice bokeh. However it may not be what you have imagined. Professional photographers know how to balance between sharpness and bokeh and that’s why they earn living by taking pictures.
It was timely theme for challenge this week because I was wondering how I took a picture having bokeh with my old 100mm lens which produces strong blur in some cases. In other words, how to give an impression of focusing without strong bokeh.


In response to the weekly photo challenge, Focus by The Daily Post.