Bonne journée, Photo

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Having walked in a plaintive October under the rain, then Brittany doesn’t find a November with no chilly days. The Christmas is just behind the misty curtain with no pain. 

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A Photo a Week Challenge : In the Neighborhood

There’s no big differences. The town was made of stones, woods, metals and waters and nobody doesn’t care. The pictures were taken in both France and Japan. 


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: In the Neighborhood by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Atmospheric

Overnight into the morning of Toussaint, All Saints’ Day, a crowd of people was heading to the church and just few Jack-o’-lanterns were still roughing. In Brittany of France has no custom of Halloween and every towns have already started preparation of Christmas.


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Atmospheric by Nancy Merrill Photography.

Bonne journée, Photo




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A Photo a Week Challenge : Sun & Water

I haven’t seen the sun since I found a piece of winter in Brittany. It was a few weeks ago. It must be a rainy season here. My shoes are always caked with mud and only a mushroom is fresh and clean just after the rain. Exactly saying, some times I enjoyed the sunlight on my walking for getting lunch. However, it doesn’t mean I had a chance to taking pictures. I don’t like Brittany? Yes, I do. That’s why it is beautiful.


This week I chose two pictures taken in California, one and a half year ago, and in Brittany.

A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Sun & Water by Nancy Merrill Photography.